Ruby Dunlap
Office: (706) 433-2107
Mobile: (770) 630-2224

2405 West Broad St. P.O. Box 1824, Athens, GA 30606

Being raised as a Navy kid for the first 16 years of life, Ruby knows what it’s like to move from one location to another. Having lived in France, Cuba, Hawaii, and various states in the US, she knows how to adapt to her surroundings and has a knack for meeting people easily. While in college she decided to work part time in the dental field, which took her through a 20 year career as a dental assistant. That role helped her to develop not only compassion for her patients’ wants, needs and fears, but the ability to communicate, educate and co-ordinate to complete a successful treatment plan; she was a liaison between Dr. and patient.

Upon retiring from the dental field, Ruby went to work in technology as a sales account manager with Vision Computers. She has been consulting and selling computers and technology solutions to individuals, small and mid-size businesses as well as government accounts for the past 16 years. This career has allowed her to continue her personal working foundation to communicate, educate and co-ordinate services to complete a successful solution; she was a liaison between client and technology.

In 2010, Ruby and her husband James moved from the suburbs of Atlanta out to the country in Danielsville, GA to be closer to two of their four grandchildren. Ruby said “It was a fun and exciting time house hunting and I still reflect on our ‘AHA’ moment when we found our new house which we named ‘The Rose House.’” Still loving their location change, 2013 brought a new career opportunity for Ruby as she decided to follow James’ footsteps in a new career as a REALTOR®. Together, they will be known as Team Dunlap and she looks forward to them continuing her now business foundation to communicate, to educate and to co-ordinate services for a successful selling and “AHA” buying experiences. She will be a liaison for all of your real estate needs.